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grantor trust

1.a trust established to shift the income to someone who is taxed at a lower rate than the grantor for a period of 10 years or more

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  • grantor
  • granting immunity
  • granth sahib
  • granth
  • granter
  • grantee
  • granted
  • grant-in-aid
  • grant wood
  • grant
  • granular
  • granular pearlite
  • granularity
  • granulate
  • granulated
  • granulated sugar
  • granulation
  • granulation tissue
  • granule
  • granuliferous
  • devolvement
  • genus carcharodon
  • squad
  • calf's tongue
  • inefficient
  • clear out
  • puffbird
  • barm
  • acquired hemochromatosis
  • moved

  • Idiom of the Day

    over with
    at the end of something, finished with something
    The game is over with so we can eat dinner.

    To ...... yourself from ...... wear warm clothes.

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    New Orleans Saints

    2015 is supposed to be the year when the New Orleans Saints experience a downfall that will lead to a reset of the current roster. Superstar tight end Jimmy Graham was traded to the Seattle Seahawks during the offseason. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees will turn 37 years old next January, and Brees did show his age during portions of the 2014 season. Brees has been one of the great quarterbacks of his generation, a Super Bowl champion and Most Valuable Player. No player, not even Brees, can outrun time, and the Saints will soon have to go in a different direction at the QB position.Current Value: $1.52 Billion

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