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grantor trust

1.a trust established to shift the income to someone who is taxed at a lower rate than the grantor for a period of 10 years or more

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  • granting immunity
  • granth sahib
  • granth
  • granter
  • grantee
  • granted
  • grant-in-aid
  • grant wood
  • grant
  • granular
  • granular pearlite
  • granularity
  • granulate
  • granulated
  • granulated sugar
  • granulation
  • granulation tissue
  • granule
  • granuliferous
  • grilling
  • populus canescens
  • vegetable wax
  • heave up
  • sacred mushroom
  • fancy man
  • tetrao urogallus
  • impatient
  • sandwich plate
  • genus rhynchoelaps

  • Idiom of the Day

    cash in on (something)
    to make a lot of money at something
    The small city cashed in on their success after the winter Olympics.

    He's suffering ________ prostate cancer.

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  • Most Reliable Cars in History

    Toyota Camry

    Model years: 1992forward ,The 1992 model year marked the point where the Camry really hit its stride and went on to become a sales and endurance leader. Two reasons: The styling, which evoked Toyotas thennew Lexus luxury line, and roominess. Camrys that Toyota had imported to the states up until then had hewed to a Japanese market restriction of being no more than 67 inches wide. For 1992, Toyota decided to build a separate model just for the North American and Australian markets that was 70 inches wide. In so doing, it created a competitor to the 71inchwide Ford Taurus, which it would go on to dethrone as the most popular sedan in the U.S. in 1997. Its held that honor for all but one year since. Many, if not most, of those millions sold are still around. You see them going 200,000, 300,000 miles all the time, says Tom Torbjornsen, author of How to Make Your Car Last Forever. Theyre just very well made. Note that some of the recent black eyes the Camry (and Toyota generally) received over sticking gas pedal issues have nothing to do with the cars longterm durability. A group of Lexus models share the Camrys roots and durability (but with plusher accomodations): the Lexus ES 300/330/350 and RX 300/330/350.

    Chourishi Systems