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1.make glamorous and attractive

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  • glamourization
  • glamourise
  • glamourisation
  • glamorous
  • glamorize
  • glamorization
  • glamorise
  • glamorisation
  • glam up
  • gladys smith
  • glamourous
  • glance
  • glance over
  • gland
  • gland disease
  • glanders
  • glandulae cervicales uteri
  • glandulae sebaceae
  • glandular
  • glandular cancer
  • crew
  • hawse
  • falcon-gentle
  • unwilled
  • trapper
  • ritualist
  • consistency
  • madia oil plant
  • ageism
  • opportunity cost

  • Idiom of the Day

    hard of hearing
    unable to hear well
    The man is hard of hearing so you must speak loudly when you talk to him.

    I don't mind sleeping on an uncomfortable bed in a hostel as anything is ________ to sleeping in a tent.

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  • Benefits of Quince

    Anti allergenic and anti inflammatory properties

    Quince fruit, like pears, has anti allergenic and anti inflammatory properties. The fruit as well its seed's extraction is suggested in the treatment of cystitis, atopic dermatitis, recommended by health practitioners as a safe alternative in the preparation of food products for allergy sufferers.

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