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genus salix

1.a large and widespread genus varying in size from small shrubs to large trees: willows

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  • genus saimiri
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  • genus sagittarius
  • genus sagittaria
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  • genus sagina
  • genus sadleria
  • genus salmo
  • genus salmonella
  • genus salpa
  • genus salpichroa
  • genus salpiglossis
  • genus salpinctes
  • genus salsola
  • genus salvadora
  • genus salvelinus
  • genus salvia
  • richard e. smalley
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  • metaurus river
  • coeval
  • tuvalu dollar
  • domineering
  • ellipsoid of revolution
  • undissolved
  • hard core
  • naturopathy

  • Idiom of the Day

    through thick and thin
    through all difficulties and troubles, through good times and bad times
    The woman's husband is always ready to help her and supports her through thick and thin.

    They tried very hard to install the new components on the computer but the language in the manual was too ________ for them to understand.

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  • Benefits of Cassava

    What is the evidence

    Available scientific evidence does not support claims that botanical products currently made from the cassava plant have anticancer properties. A British researcher identified the cassava genes involved in making hydrogen cyanide in the early 1990s. In collaboration with cancer specialists in Spain, she has conducted studies of the linamarase gene. They added this gene to a virus, which was then injected into rat brain tumors. These tumors were killed when the rats were infused with linamarin. Further research is needed to determine if this technique will work in people.

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