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genus abelia

1.chiefly east Asian shrubs

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  • genus
  • genuineness
  • genuinely
  • genuine
  • genuflexion
  • genuflection
  • genuflect
  • genu varum
  • genu valgum
  • genu
  • genus abelmoschus
  • genus abies
  • genus abramis
  • genus abrocoma
  • genus abronia
  • genus abudefduf
  • genus abutilon
  • genus acacia
  • genus acalypha
  • genus acanthisitta
  • southern beech fern
  • steepen
  • urethral orifice
  • bottle-nosed dolphin
  • jersey
  • family coerebidae
  • swadust mushroom
  • passive resistance
  • teacher-student relation
  • defence force

  • Idiom of the Day

    by virtue of (something)
    because of something
    My father got his new job by virtue of his volunteer work in the community.

    S1: She used to work at the desk next to mine in the office several years ago.
    S6: I am glad that their demands have been accepted.

    P: But it must have been exasperating that a male sitting beside her was 'doing the same work as she was and being paid more.
    Q: She is certain to be still there, in the same old brown suit and fur lined boots.
    R: She was as kind as she was efficient.
    S: Now she and all her friends have won their long campaign for the justice of equal pay to be recognised.

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