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1.the sound of a step of someone walking
2.the act of taking a step in walking
3.the distance covered by a step

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  • footstall
  • footsore
  • footslogger
  • footslog
  • footrest
  • footrace
  • footprint evidence
  • footprint
  • footplate
  • footpath
  • footsteps-of-spring
  • footstool
  • footsure
  • footwall
  • footwear
  • footwork
  • fop
  • foppish
  • for 24 hours
  • for a bargain price
  • togo franc
  • hemigalus hardwickii
  • colour tv
  • veinal
  • carefree
  • dressing room
  • salicaceae
  • fairy bluebird
  • destination
  • fucoid algae

  • Idiom of the Day

    wise up to (someone or something)
    to begin to understand the truth about someone or something
    The man finally wised up to the fact that he was never going to get a promotion in his company.


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  • Precautions while using ATM Machines

    Be prepared to leave

    If you notice anyone or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable at an ATM, end your transaction, secure your cash, card and receipt, and leave the area immediately. Do not stay at an ATM any longer than necessary. Report anything suspicious to a security person in the area

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