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1.the sound of a step of someone walking
2.the act of taking a step in walking
3.the distance covered by a step

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  • footstall
  • footsore
  • footslogger
  • footslog
  • footrest
  • footrace
  • footprint evidence
  • footprint
  • footplate
  • footpath
  • footsteps-of-spring
  • footstool
  • footsure
  • footwall
  • footwear
  • footwork
  • fop
  • foppish
  • for 24 hours
  • for a bargain price
  • stop over
  • amyotrophia
  • unrestrictive
  • seductive
  • bog pimpernel
  • chocolate sauce
  • service staff
  • plat
  • proved
  • stuntedness

  • Idiom of the Day

    full of hot air
    to be full of nonsense, to be talking nonsense
    I knew that the man was full of hot air when he began to tell us how to make lots of money.

    He ________ everything clearly.

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