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1.free-floating aquatic ferns

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  • floating voter
  • floating policy
  • floating mine
  • floating fern
  • floating dry dock
  • floating dock
  • floating bridge
  • floating
  • floater
  • floatation
  • floating-point notation
  • floating-point number
  • floating-point operation
  • floating-point representation system
  • floatplane
  • floaty
  • floc
  • floccose
  • floccose chanterelle
  • flocculate
  • toyshop
  • spike
  • get through
  • bagdad
  • cetorhinus maximus
  • citrus maxima
  • ginger ale
  • tailing
  • white melilot
  • genuine

  • Idiom of the Day

    on (someone's) head
    on someone's own self (often used with blame)
    The responsibility for fixing the computer was on my head.

    Because it is coming so close observers are hoping to settle the argument about life on the planet once and for ________ .

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    World Championship

    The World Championship is held every two years in odd numbered years for senior swimmers starting with the year 2007 and in even numbered years for junior swimmers starting with the year 2008. Pool competition held over five days while open water competition is held over a maximum of three days.

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