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1.free-floating aquatic ferns

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  • floating voter
  • floating policy
  • floating mine
  • floating fern
  • floating dry dock
  • floating dock
  • floating bridge
  • floating
  • floater
  • floatation
  • floating-point notation
  • floating-point number
  • floating-point operation
  • floating-point representation system
  • floatplane
  • floaty
  • floc
  • floccose
  • floccose chanterelle
  • flocculate
  • highjacker
  • humaneness
  • mathematical logic
  • pubococcygeus exercises
  • lessor
  • mermaid
  • obtrusively
  • subclinical absence
  • solenostemon
  • pyroelectricity

  • Idiom of the Day

    give in to (someone or something)
    to surrender, to give someone his or her own way, to stop opposing or resisting someone or something
    The company gave in to the union`s demand for more money.

    It was ___ hot that we couldn't concentrate.

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  • Valentines Day Games

    Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare is an entertaining as well as romantic game that can be played for Valentine s Day. The game usually involves 10 or more players and is generally played to bring in the element of fun and enjoyment in a party or get together. This Valentine s Day, instead of opting for the usual movie plans or dinner dates, plan a get together for couples. Play truth or dare and watch how each of you unravel an unknown truth or personality facet of your partner.

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