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1.free-floating aquatic ferns

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  • floating voter
  • floating policy
  • floating mine
  • floating fern
  • floating dry dock
  • floating dock
  • floating bridge
  • floating
  • floater
  • floatation
  • floating-point notation
  • floating-point number
  • floating-point operation
  • floating-point representation system
  • floatplane
  • floaty
  • floc
  • floccose
  • floccose chanterelle
  • flocculate
  • cochineal
  • cucumis melo cantalupensis
  • pollinator
  • white fringed orchis
  • sown
  • tanner
  • leather fern
  • canis lupus tundrarum
  • marya sklodowska
  • leo esaki

  • Idiom of the Day

    run (someone) in or run in (someone)
    to take someone to jail, to arrest someone
    The police ran the man in for questioning about the robbery.


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  • Xmas For Kids

    No Melt Snowmen

    These merry snowmen get their roly poly forms, red scarves, and carrot noses from rolled fondant, a thick, pliable sugar mixture often used to give wedding cakes a smooth finish (youll find it at baking supply stores). Chocolate sprinkles stand in for coal eyes and buttons; licorice drops make the hats.

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