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1.deprive of freedom
2.stop or halt
3.cause to be slowed down or delayed

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  • details
  • detailing
  • detailed
  • detail file
  • detail
  • detachment of the retina
  • detachment
  • detached retina
  • detached house
  • detached
  • detainee
  • detect
  • detectable
  • detected
  • detecting
  • detection
  • detective
  • detective agency
  • detective novel
  • detective story
  • coordinating conjunction
  • centrism
  • suction stop
  • restrained
  • epstein-barr virus
  • climbing
  • gazetteer
  • small white aster
  • circle around
  • revisit

  • Idiom of the Day

    miss the point
    to fail to understand the important part of something
    My friend is missing the point when we try to explain why he should not do what he is doing.

    She left her job ________ August

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  • Myth about Anger

    Domestic violence abusers can t control their anger

    Most abusers manage their anger very well everywhere except at home or with their partners. Domestic violence isn t about anger. It s about entitlement, power and control. An abuser will only stop his behavior if he attends treatment that is specifically designed to challenge his attitude of entitlement, hold him accountable for his violence, and teach him how to change his choices and actions.

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