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1.deprive of freedom
2.stop or halt
3.cause to be slowed down or delayed

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  • details
  • detailing
  • detailed
  • detail file
  • detail
  • detachment of the retina
  • detachment
  • detached retina
  • detached house
  • detached
  • detainee
  • detect
  • detectable
  • detected
  • detecting
  • detection
  • detective
  • detective agency
  • detective novel
  • detective story
  • alpinia officinalis
  • branchlet
  • mount
  • polyhedron
  • judicial writ
  • top fermenting yeast
  • genus rhus
  • delegate
  • fissiped
  • genus poecilogale

  • Idiom of the Day

    take a hand in (something)
    to help plan or do something
    The man is always ready to take a hand in any work that needs to be done.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    The manager (became suspicious) and went to the police for advice.

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    Seeds must be ripe and fresh to plant; dried or shrivelled fruits are not viable. One can plant the whole fruit, but it is best to remove the pulp before planting in potting mix that is kept moist but not wet.

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