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1.deprive of freedom
2.stop or halt
3.cause to be slowed down or delayed

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  • details
  • detailing
  • detailed
  • detail file
  • detail
  • detachment of the retina
  • detachment
  • detached retina
  • detached house
  • detached
  • detainee
  • detect
  • detectable
  • detected
  • detecting
  • detection
  • detective
  • detective agency
  • detective novel
  • detective story
  • womanize
  • rebekah
  • new moon
  • jumping seed
  • worldly goods
  • as much as possible
  • sultrily
  • scramble
  • out of work
  • siluridae

  • Idiom of the Day

    sweat bullets/blood
    to be nervous, to be very worried
    I was sweating bullets during the job interview.

    (P) build webs
    (Q) in houses
    (R) that many people fear
    (S) those eight-legged bugs

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  • Ideas to Boost Business

    Rate Your Customers For Surprising Results

    a. Assign customers a category such as A , B , C , D , etc. based on several criteria. Include profitability, time spent handling orders and special requests.
    b. Youll quickly realize that some high volume accounts are not contributing significantly to the bottom line.
    c. Develop a plan to inform all employees who the most profitable customers are and who should receive the best efforts of the company.

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