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degenerative disorder

1.condition leading to progressive loss of function

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  • degenerative arthritis
  • degenerative
  • degeneration
  • degeneracy
  • degaussing
  • degauss
  • degas
  • degage
  • defy
  • defusing
  • degenerative joint disease
  • deglutition
  • deglycerolise
  • deglycerolize
  • degradation
  • degrade
  • degraded
  • degrader
  • degrading
  • degree
  • pillion
  • cynically
  • pandora's box
  • preciously
  • clergyman
  • echinus
  • allegorize
  • king nut hickory
  • aminotransferase
  • pull-through

  • Idiom of the Day

    hot under the collar
    to be very angry
    Our boss is hot under the collar today because three of the staff came late.


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