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carbohydrate loading

1.a diet of foods high in starch that increases carbohydrate reserves in muscles

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  • carbohydrate
  • carbocyclic
  • carbo loading
  • carbine
  • carbide
  • carbamide
  • carbamic acid
  • carbamate
  • caraway seed bread
  • caraway seed
  • carbolated
  • carbolic acid
  • carboloy
  • carbomycin
  • carbon
  • carbon 14
  • carbon arc
  • carbon arc lamp
  • carbon atom
  • carbon black
  • sedan
  • continental shelf
  • dacoity
  • decoy
  • upland plover
  • compass saw
  • appendicularia
  • chihuahua
  • binding
  • baptistery

  • Idiom of the Day

    be in
    to be at one's home or at one's workplace
    If my friend is in I will visit him tonight.

    We ________ not get into the concert without tickets, so we went home.

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  • Ramayan

    Rama meets his sons Lov and Kusha

    The boys fight bravely and at the end when Rama himself comes to fight them, he learns that they are his own sons. Once again the family is reunited but as Sita is again asked to give 'agni pareeksha' by Rama, she asks her mother earth to take her back. Rama is saddened and returns to Ayodhya with his sons.

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