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1.unrestrained by convention or propriety

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  • brazen
  • braze
  • bray
  • braxton-hicks contraction
  • braxton bragg
  • brawny
  • brawn
  • brawling
  • brawler
  • brawl
  • brazenly
  • brazenness
  • brazier
  • brazil
  • brazil nut
  • brazil-nut tree
  • brazilian
  • brazilian capital
  • brazilian guava
  • brazilian ironwood
  • precision
  • trichechus
  • coordinately
  • asteroid belt
  • screech
  • aramus pictus
  • carob bar
  • winnow
  • firmware
  • thrinax morrisii

  • Idiom of the Day

    The supervisor always acts high-and-mighty in front of his employees.

    She was ...... because all her plans had gone ......

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  • Most Favourite Disney Princes

    Prince Simba

    He may not be an official Disney Prince, but he has all the qualities to prove his royal lineage. He may not be human, but he earned his way to the throne, and this list. He steals our heart as a cub with his playful antics and ability to see the best in everyone. As he grows up, he retains much of the childlike fun loving demeanour, something we all like in a man, and simultaneously, grows responsible and courageous enough to protect his family, no matter the cost. His love, faith and loyalty in every relationship is exceptional, and is capable of bringing out the best in them.

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