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1.capital and largest city of Iraq

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  • baggy
  • bagging
  • bagger
  • baggageman
  • baggage car
  • baggage
  • bagful
  • bagel
  • bagdad
  • bagatelle
  • bagman
  • bagnio
  • bagpipe
  • bagpiper
  • baguet
  • baguette
  • bahai
  • bahaism
  • bahama grass
  • bahama islands
  • genus cicer
  • kieselguhr
  • complete fracture
  • lakshmi
  • esselen
  • equals sign
  • subphylum vertebrata
  • northland
  • passementerie
  • supernatant

  • Idiom of the Day

    resonate with (someone)
    to appeal to someone or cause someone to like something
    The idea of a film festival resonated with most members of the community.

    Man needs (a) / security and leisure (b) / of free thinking. (c) / No error (d)

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  • Best Valentines Day Projects

    Crayon Heart Valentines Day Decoration

    If there is someone special in your life, you would go to any extent to make your valentines day special. The main idea would be to make your dear one feel special and loved. For this, you would love to decorate the place by yourself to add that personal special touch to your valentines day. A few crayon hearts may do the trick. Take a few heart shaped crayons in different colors and fasten them on to white heart shaped cardboard cut outs. You can even tie them up with thread. You can then clip them to the spikes of the wheels of your dear ones bicycle. This will add a unique touch to your valentines day.

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