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1.capital and largest city of Iraq

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  • baggy
  • bagging
  • bagger
  • baggageman
  • baggage car
  • baggage
  • bagful
  • bagel
  • bagdad
  • bagatelle
  • bagman
  • bagnio
  • bagpipe
  • bagpiper
  • baguet
  • baguette
  • bahai
  • bahaism
  • bahama grass
  • bahama islands
  • erigeron philadelphicus
  • aster
  • caesium clock
  • transactor
  • falling off
  • thatcher
  • birth-control campaigner
  • genus chalcis
  • habited
  • accroides gum

  • Idiom of the Day

    make amends for (something)
    to do something to compensate for an error or injury or loss
    I had to do some extra work to make amends for my mistake of last week.

    Does this kind of weather ________ you?

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  • Precautions while using Skype

    Protecting a Skype Account

    A new Skype user can protect his or her account by changing the password frequently. The password should be changed once every month for maximum safety. Every person who has Skype should also continue to download the latest version to his or her computer. The manufacturer routinely releases updates that have tighter security and enhanced features.
    In regards to the possibility of kids having the availability to communicate with strangers, one can only reach a stranger through Skype by requesting to add them as a contact. When a teen receives a contact request from an unknown person, they can simply deny the request.

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