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1.a large entrance or reception room or area

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  • antecedently
  • antecedent
  • antecedency
  • antecedence
  • antecede
  • antebellum
  • anteater
  • ante up
  • ante meridiem
  • ante
  • antecubital
  • antedate
  • antediluvial
  • antediluvian
  • antediluvian patriarch
  • antedon
  • antedonidae
  • antefix
  • antelope
  • antelope chipmunk
  • snipe
  • day lily
  • junior middleweight
  • odorous
  • downy brome
  • honied
  • genus dendroica
  • five-point bishop's cap
  • rent-rebate
  • pediatrician

  • Idiom of the Day

    have one's nose in a book
    to be reading a book
    The boy loves reading and always has his nose in a book.

    I expected to fail the exam, but I passed ________

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    Boston Beach

    A legendary mecca for fans of spicy food, Boston Beach is considered the birthplace of Jamaican jerk seasoning. It is located on the northeastern shores of Jamaica, the third largest island in the Greater Antilles, and attracts surfers and explorers seeking a glimpse of the secluded waterfalls in the nearby rain forest.

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