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1.acceptance as true or valid
2.the accepted meaning of a word
3.the act of accepting with approval

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  • acceptant
  • acceptance sampling
  • acceptance
  • acceptably
  • acceptableness
  • acceptable
  • acceptability
  • accentuation
  • accentuate
  • accentual system
  • accepted
  • accepting
  • acceptive
  • acceptor
  • acceptor rna
  • access
  • access road
  • access time
  • accessary
  • accessibility
  • passero
  • auguste comte
  • unrivaled
  • shingles
  • bitter cress
  • oleic acid
  • cyanide radical
  • ebonize
  • chaenopsis
  • tufted vetch

  • Idiom of the Day

    back in circulation
    to be available to the public again (a library book)
    The books were back in circulation after we returned them to the library.

    The old bridge’s steel ________ were rusty and in need of repair.

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