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1.acceptance as true or valid
2.the accepted meaning of a word
3.the act of accepting with approval

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  • acceptant
  • acceptance sampling
  • acceptance
  • acceptably
  • acceptableness
  • acceptable
  • acceptability
  • accentuation
  • accentuate
  • accentual system
  • accepted
  • accepting
  • acceptive
  • acceptor
  • acceptor rna
  • access
  • access road
  • access time
  • accessary
  • accessibility
  • condyloid process
  • incompressible
  • lycia
  • confirmative
  • ecclesiastical benefice
  • ectodermic
  • louis xii
  • nitweed
  • coefficient of viscosity
  • poitou

  • Idiom of the Day

    belabor the point
    to spend too much time on a point of discussion
    I tried not to belabor the point but I needed to explain things in detail for everyone to understand.

    The criminals ________ arrested

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