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1.acceptance as true or valid
2.the accepted meaning of a word
3.the act of accepting with approval

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  • acceptant
  • acceptance sampling
  • acceptance
  • acceptably
  • acceptableness
  • acceptable
  • acceptability
  • accentuation
  • accentuate
  • accentual system
  • accepted
  • accepting
  • acceptive
  • acceptor
  • acceptor rna
  • access
  • access road
  • access time
  • accessary
  • accessibility
  • single-leaf pine
  • pastry
  • salamandra salamandra
  • pravastatin
  • stimulated
  • foot pedal
  • six-lined racerunner
  • unmanly
  • unlocated
  • ophthalmology

  • Idiom of the Day

    make the best of (something)
    to do as well as possible in a bad situation
    The man tried to make the best of the job that he hated.

    She drives ________

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  • Benefits of Mushroom

    Umami and Sodium

    Umami is the fifth basic taste after sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Derived from the Japanese word umai, meaning anddelicious,andumami (pronounced ooMAHmee) is described as a savory, brothy, rich or meaty taste sensation. Its a satisfying sense of deep, complete flavor, balancing savory flavors and fullbodied taste with distinctive qualities of aroma and mouthfeel.8The more umami present in food, the more flavorful it will be. All mushrooms are a rich source of umami and the darker the mushroom the more umami it contains.

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