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old rose

1.a greyish-pink color

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  • dingy
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  • greasepaint
  • confrere
  • james scott connors
  • genus macrothelypteris
  • republic of venezuela
  • rotary club
  • dissolving
  • viscousness
  • heath violet

  • Idiom of the Day

    what makes (someone) tick
    what motivates or makes someone behave in a certain way
    I do not know what makes that woman tick. She is very strange.

    When you go to an auction and you want to buy a particular item, you can simply make a ________ for it.

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  • Famous Indian Scientists

    Somya Ranjan Mahapatra

    Somya Ranjan Mahapatra is an Indian Computer Scientist At present, he is Software Developer of Microsoft He is best known for his work on Development New Software His research interests include Wearable Computing, Augmented reality, Ubiquitous computing, Gestural interaction, AI, Machine vision, Collective intelligence and RoboticsWorld Economic Forum honored Somya as one of the Young Global Leader 2013
    He is from Cuttack, which is situated in Odisha in India He has Completed 12 Science from the DAV Public School in OdishaSomya Studing a Diploma Engineering in Electronics and TeleCommunication from Institute of Textile Technology and Diploma of Certified Ethical Hacker from National Cyber Security Institute, NIC India Later he was a research assistantHe joined Nokia Research center as the Application Developer in 2010 He introduced Nokia 888 Design Graphin Led Mobile Watch in March 2011Somya worked as a UX Researcher with Microsoft

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