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1.the quality of being incapable of exchange or interchange

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  • terminal point
  • smoke grenade
  • tramontana
  • uproot
  • redevelopment authority
  • second trimester
  • red hot
  • zantedeschia aethiopica
  • unthought-of
  • spicily
  • ethnological
  • argemone
  • capillary vein
  • family characidae
  • genus petrocoptis
  • churl
  • genus vespa
  • camellia state
  • dart board
  • allomerism
  • priam
  • centaurea
  • kosovo
  • give the bounce
  • classification
  • unprofessional
  • tomtate
  • radiography
  • peshawar
  • pea flour

  • Idiom of the Day

    on the dole
    receiving welfare
    There are many people on the dole who live in the poor area.

    I don't think the exam is ________ for me to have a good chance of passing

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  • Rules to play Gymnastics

    Skill categories

    Gymnastics skills are categorized into difficulty groups. An A level skill is very easy, while an E level skill is very difficult. Examples of impressive, difficult skills that might raise a routines score include triple backs (back flips with three rotations) and full in, full outs (a combination of back handsprings and twists).

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