Stop + -ing

Stop + -ing
Don't say:
The wind has almost stopped to blow.
The wind has almost stopped blowing.
Also give up(=stop)He give up smoking.
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Barack Obama

Muslim stepfather

Ann met another student, Lolo Soetoro. They married and after two years moved to Soetoros native Indonesia in 1967. From the relative affluence of Hawaii, the six year old Barack was now confronted every day on his doorstep with the extreme poverty of a Third World country. Within six months, Barack was fluent in the local language. Each day started at 4am with his mother waking him to give him additional English lessons before Catholic school. His Muslim stepfather taught him everything from how to change a flat tyre to opening in chess. He imbued Barack with the values of Islam but didnt convert him. His mother Ann was raised Christian but taught her son to be sceptical of religion.In 1970, his mother had a daughter. When he was ten, Barack returned to Hawaii with his mother where he secured a scholarship. There was just one other black student at his school. Baracks father visited him just once.

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