Using the verb to use for the present habitual action
Don't say:
I use to get up at six every morning.
I get up at six every morning. Or: I'm accustomed to getting up at six, etc.
Used to expresses a past state or habit and it usually refers to some old situation which no longer exists: I used to see him every day: My father used to play football very well. The verb to use doesn't express a habit in the present. I use means I employ.I use a pen to write with.
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    Indeed, the power of eye contact cannot be underestimated. This mode of flirting is otherwise also called as an eye smile. The eye smile involves giving a provocative look to the intended person. However, it is much more than just a routine smile since the eye smile also lays stress on the fact that you communicate your intentions nonverbally. This method is very much apt and helps convey your feelings in a manner that even a thousand introductory phrases fail to do. Hence, it is a very safe bet. Yet, prior to trying this technique, it is better if you engage in a practice session first because an overintense gaze can do more damage than a stupid conversation starter.

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