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  • Precautions while using UPS

    Special precautions

    The UPS connection instructions enclosed in the manual must be followed in the indicated order.Ensure that the indications on the rating plate match up to your AC power system and to the actual electrical utilization of all the equipment to be connected to the UPS.
    1) If the UPS must be stored prior to installation, storage must be in a dry place. The admissible storage temperature range is 25?C to +45?C.
    2)If the UPS remains de energized for a long period, It is recommend to energize the UPS for a period of 24 hours, as a minimum each three months. This charges the battery, thus avoiding possible irreversible damage.
    3)The UPS is designed for typical climatic and environmental operating conditions concerning the altitude, ambient operating temperature, relative humidity and ambient transport and storage conditions.
    4)Using the UPS within the given limits warrantees its operation, but may affect the service life of certain components, particularly that of the battery and its autonomy.
    5)The maximum storage time of the UPS is limited due to the need to recharge the battery.
    6)Unusual operating conditions may justify unique design or protection measures such as destructive smoke, dust, abrasive dust, humidity, vapour and radiant heat from other sources.

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