Test # 98

Without offending the ________ of your host, you could also say:

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  • Start the New Year Fresh

    Clean your work or study space

    Going back to work or college/school after the holiday break can leave you feeling a little out of sorts. Tidying up your desk, locker, backpack, or whatever else you have where stuff accumulates can help you to feel refreshed for the new year. Throw out last year's junk, file away important information where it belongs and give everything a good dust or wipe down. Refill anything that you're running out of and if you can, place a pretty plant or photo on your desk to cheer yourself up.For backpacks, satchels, handbags, laptop carriers and other bags Don't carry around unnecessary items Things you don't need in the bag are clutter that increases the bulk and weight and might scratch items like laptops, phones and valuables.

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