Test # 77

I told them I ________ just going out for a short walk.

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    Nobuo Nashiro

    Junior Bantamweight 13 1 0 (8) Last Year s Ranking: 51 Status Report: Nashiro takes a bit of a tumble, his reward for giving a rematch to Hugo Cazares. Not the best move he has ever made (L 12). Cazares won by a wide margin, pretty much invalidating the good will Nashiro gained with his draw against Cazares in 2009. Nashiro s only other appearance of the year was a win over 6 6 (4) neophyte Iwan Key (KO 3). Future: Tomas Rojas on Feb. 5 on Osaka. Another year like this and Nashiro will find himself a 14 time WBA champion. Go Nobuo!

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