Test # 68

The crowd remained good-natured for the first part of his speech and Henry was feeling pleased with himself. And then, ________ half a dozen tractors roared onto the field.

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    Dallas Baptist University Dallas Texas

    Dallas Baptist University s 293 acre main campus sits in the undulating hills to the southwest of Texas third biggest city, offering students nice views of the nearby Mountain Creek Lake. The school first opened in 1898 as Decatur Baptist College, on acreage bought by the affiliated Baptist General Convention of Texas; later, in 1965, it relocated to its current site following a donation of land. Today, some of the university s buildings are heavily influenced by historic structures in entirely different states. Among the most prominent is the Georgian look John G. Mahler Student Center. Dedicated in 1992, this project from Texas based firm BMA Architects is a reproduction of Philadelphia s Independence Hall. The elegant looking center features a wood and stone esque bell tower actually made from hardwearing architectural fiberglass. Other recent buildings that nod to the past include 2009 s striking white Patty and Bo Pilgrim Chapel and 2011 s Joan and Andy Horner Hall.

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