Test # 40

If you go to an unauthorized garage to have your car serviced, the ________ is that your warranty will be invalid.

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    Discipline is Crucial

    As with most things in life, inspiration shall get you started for the GMAT Preparation but discipline will keep you going. Unlike the school or college level exams, GMAT is not a test that one ?must take; its a test, generally, for individuals pursuing a certain career and seeks a catalyst for reaching the next level or a means for undergoing a shift in career. Hence, discipline is crucial as one has to stay self motivated for completing the entire preparation effectively. An average student takes around 100 120 days to prepare at around 3 hours per day to reach ones peak score. Any significant gap in preparation extends this duration considerably and affects the likely score one is expected to achieve. Hence, make arrangements for devoting the required hours for long enough and stick to the planned regimen.

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