Test # 37

You can hear everything that's going on next door because the walls are paper ________ .

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    Jurassic Park Geography

    It s a famous one the geography of Jurassic Park makes absolutely no sense. Ravines appear from nowhere during the T Rex attack, and the fact that the T Rex can somehow get inside the visitors centre are questions with no logical answer. But the truth is that it doesn t matter. It s why we let plot holes go in the majority of cases because the film works. Spielberg created such an impressive sequence that it doesn t need to make sense in the real world. It s true movie magic, and even knowing that it s not really possible fails to detract from how it makes you feel. So really I guess what this list is about is defining good filmmaking. If a plot hole feels so stupid that it makes you enjoy the film less, than the director has not done their job. You should be able to acknowledge, but still enjoy.

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