Test # 21

Most of the money ________ was donated to charity.

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    Meditation Mindfulness and Meeting For Worship

    My elementary and high school education took place at a Quaker school. My family wasnt Quaker, but there are many of these independent schools in Philadelphia. When it was time to pick a school for my own children, I didnt choose a Quaker school for them because I prefered a parent-teacher cooperative. Im mostly okay with that decision. But Im sad that my kids dont get to experience the weekly meeting for worship that is a regular part of a Quaker education. During a Quaker meeting for worship, participants sit in silence for about 40 minutes. There is no clergy, no sermon, no liturgy. Just silent meditation. If the spirit moves one to speak, he or she is welcomed to do so. The whole thing tends to be a quiet, reflective experience. Students learn how to be in the moment. They cultivate stillness through practice.

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