Test # 114

His ________ was entirely ambiguous.

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    Fagopyrum esculentum

    Key Uses:
  • Eczema and itching skin
  • Heart complaints associated with visibly pulsing arteries

    Origin : Native to central and northern Asia, and cultivated in temperate regions, especially in the US and eastern Europe.

    Background : This major grain crop may have been brought to Europe during the Crusades of the 11th and 12th centuries. Medicinally, the leaves were used for high blood pressure, chilblains, and frostbite.

    Preparation : The aerial parts are picked after flowering and before the fruits ripen, then chopped and macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : Confusion and alternating states of mind are typical in those for whom Fagopyrum is best suited. These people also tend to be depressed and irritable.
    Fagopyrum is generally associated with eczema and itching skin, possibly on the genitals, scalp, eyelids, and ears, or in the folds of the skin of infants and the elderly. The inside of the nose may become sore and crusted. Foul- smelling secretions may accompany itching.
    Heart complaints associated with visibly pulsing arteries, either with or without concurrent skin conditions, may also be treated with Fagopyrum. Other symptoms linked to this remedy include a rapid, irregular pulse and a strong sensation of oppression in the heart area.

    Symptoms Better : For cold compresses; for pressure on the affected area; for coffee.

    Symptoms Worse : For sunlight; for scratching; for movement.Ferula assa-foetida syn.

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