Test # 11

Try and be a little more cheerful because if you don't bear ________ soon, you'll make everyone else miserable.

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    Friendship Day Celebrations

    Friendship Day calls for wonderful celebrations as it is a perfect occasion to let your friends know how special they are and how cherished is your friendship. It is celebrated all over the world with extreme zeal and fervor. Though the beginning of the Friendship Day celebrations can be traced back to 1935, the celebrations have gradually acquired popularity. Today we also have a friendship ambassador Winnie the Pooh. Friendship Day is not only a day dedicated to your friends, but also a day to let yourself loose and feel carefree. So, no matter how busy you are, take out time from your schedule to spend time with your friends. In case you are thinking of how to celebrate Friendship Day,

    Camping Out
    Take your friends along and plan a camping trip. Explore the outdoors with your friends and you can do a plenty of activities like have a bonfire, go trekking, etc. Camping out in the open environment will make sure you have plenty of time in hand and have fun exploring new things together. If you are a working man now, this would certainly be a great stress buster to have carefree adventure with your friends.

    Organize a Friendship Day Party
    It is the time to celebrate and show everyone how special is your friend. Organize a party for the sake of friendship and splurge upon everything right from the invitations to the d?cor to the party favors. Raise a toast for your friendship and prepare everything that your friends like. Do not forget to make two photocollage of this party, keep one with you and gift the other to him. Your friends will never forget this party for a lifetime.

    Catch up on a Movie
    What better way to celebrate Friendship Day than watching a nice movie together with friends. If there is a good movie playing in the theaters, you can go there with your friends and also have lunch or dinner outside. If not, then you can get some cute movie DVDs on friendship and watch it at the comfort of your home. If you are planning it at home, also try to create a theatre ambience. Arrange popcorns and coke and have a carefree celebration.

    Recollect Old Memories
    Has it been too long that you have not seen your friends. Have you been too busy with your professional life lately. Friendship Day is the best time to rejuvenate you then. Call your friends over and go through your albums. Recollect fond memories of childhood and how you became friends. Take a walk down the nostalgic lane and recollect fond memories like your first fights, amusing sleepovers, your first movie together, crushes, etc.

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