The sands of ________ are running out and you'll have to hurry up.

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    1958 Ariel 650 Cyclone

    US$450,000 This bike is the limited edition 1958 Ariel Cyclone 650 which 1950s musical sensation Buddy Holly bought from Ray Millers Triumph and Ariel dealership in Dallas, Texas on May 13, 1958. The Crickets had just played a gig in Dallas and the three young and newly successful musicians (Holly, Joe Maudlin, and Jerry Allison) decided on a whim to cancel their flights and buy motorcycles for the 350 mile trip home. Bass player Joe Maudlin bought a Triumph Thunderbird, drummer Jerry Allison chose a Triumph Trophy and Holly was taken by this limited edition black and red Ariel Cyclone 650cc

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